Red Light Therapy

Red Light
Therapy (RLT)

Red Light Therapy

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Red light therapy is the latest in cutting-edge therapy. It is a non-invasive treatment that curbs the effects of aging. LightStim® RLT is FDA cleared and has been proven to improve skin tone and texture as well as control pigmentation spots and reduce pore size. Red light therapy will help your skin absorb your serums and creams, resulting in deeper penetration.

LightStim® is designed to safely treat all skin types, year-round. The red light targets uneven pigmentation, texture and mild sun damage.

Skin cells have been noted to grow by 150% to 200% when exposed to Red Light Therapy.

Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

LightStim® utilizes multiple wavelengths of amber, light red, dark red and infrared LEDs. The light penetrates the skin to reduce and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

LightStim® acts on cells in the skin known as, fibroblasts which play a role in production of collagen; a protein that makes up a large part of connective tissue and helps the skin to recover when it is harmed.

Anti-aging Red Light Therapy stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers within tissue to help keep skin firm.

The most important factor is that the LightStim® is an FDA approved, medical -grade device.

Our in office device has 1400 LED lights, which gives it the ability to treat the entire face in a 20 minute session.

The non- medical, hand held device has just 72 LED lights.

Although the home device can be effective, it is more labor intensive and should be used as a maintenance program at home, in conjunction with medical-grade treatments.

  • Clients with sensitive skin or those who do not want the downtime of lasers or chemical peels
  • Clients who want to elevate their results after a Dermaplaning, facial, or HydraFacial® service
  • Clients with uneven tone and texture
  • Clients with fine lines and wrinkles who also want to have a firmer appearance
  • Cleanse your face and perform your daily skincare routine.
  • NO Sunscreen before your treatment.
  • Refrain from using products that can cause dryness or irritation such as benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A or products containing Vitamin A.

Red light therapy is considered safe and painless. This device emits a gentle warmth that is both soothing and therapeutic. It is commonly referred to as the “lunchtime nap”.

You will need to start with 2 sessions a week for 20 minutes for a minimum of 8 weeks. After that, periodic maintenance sessions are recommended.

Laser and pulsed light therapies work by causing controlled damage to the outer layer of the skin, which then induces tissue repair. Red Light Therapy is different from Laser or Broad Band therapies because it does not cause damage to the skin surface.

You will leave with a radiant glow! Continue your prescribed skincare regimen, especially your sunscreen. 

Remember: what you do after your session is just as important in maintaining your results.

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Enhance Your
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